Move Up Scholarship

Our company is dedicated to providing help through useful educational material in a climbing industry.

Our mission is to help people who are in a specific niche of this mountain sport – via ferrata (via ferrata refers to a type of a climbing route where there is a steel cable which follows the route fixed in certain points to the rocks).

With constant education and deep information about the equipment people should use(see Klettersteigset Test), we educate our readers how to safely climb and hike the mountains and show relevant outdoor gear (see Rettungsmesser Test)to friends of being out in the nature.

As our main focus is providing security information and educational material in a field of an extreme sport such as climbing, we prefer extreme sports among all other sports. That’s why we have established an annual student’s scholarship under the name „Move Up“ and every year we reward the best essay on a topic connected with extreme sports or climbing.

Move Up Scholarship requirements:

Our annual scholarship is for all students who fulfill next criteria:

–   a proof of a college enrollment for a current year;

–   a short biography with all necessary personal and school data;

–   all needed materials must be submitted until the deadline of an application.

–   the winners of our scholarship cannot apply again

No nationality, college name, and field of study are important in the process of application and selection.

Essay requirements:

Our essay topics are always connected with real life and modern times which make you think about some problems in an unexpected way.

This year’s topic is „Use of extreme sports as medicine for stress relief“.

Think about the new approaches to this topic and show us how can you be imaginative in possible reasons for including an extreme sport as an everyday stress relief.

The essay should be at least 800 words, written in Times New Roman, size 12 and send either in .txt or .pdf. The essay should be sent to our email with a specified subject line: Move Up Scholarship Essay Submission.

As the previous years, the best essay will win the main prize – 1000$.

The judging process is going to be challenging, but we rely on our high-quality team and your best idea. The prize will be sent via bank transfer.

Deadline for application is March 31st annually and the results will be mailed to the winner on April 15th.

After we choose the winner, with the submission of all essays we keep the right to publish them on our website.

All private data submitted with the application are kept safe and not transferred to third parties. Application to a scholarship is completely free of charges.

We wish you a good luck and encourage you to apply because every idea is precious!